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Have you ever wondered what it is that one factor (hint: exterior element) that makes your house standout or be considered as an eyesore in the neighborhood?


Do you feel that your ageing property could do with a bit of smartening up?
Are you ambitious to the extent that you want your house to be your pride and neighbor’s envy?
Well, the good news is that in this day and age, thankfully there's an array of solutions to help you out in achieving this objective.
And among them, the most popular and cost effective one is Siding or Cladding installation.
Siding has found extensive favor in the creative world of exterior designers and architects as they use it to communicate design, theme, functionality and purpose for a homeowner.
So, if you think it’s time to move on and explore the world of designer siding and explore how Siding can do wonders for your property, specialists at Property Enhancer are always there to help you out.


What can siding offer?

It may surprise you as very much like fashion statements these days, siding too, is now being considered as a stylish concept application that revolves around having unlimited mix and match combinations besides its protection properties. 

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? 

So, this means that it is now possible to transform an old, ugly or worn out structure into a style statement without breaking the bank.

As they say, the first impression is the last impression!

While the Siding idea is popular with customers seeking cosmetic or functional exterior enhancements, like fashionistas, there’s a word of caution from Property Enhancer. 

Working with a host of home owners and clients since 1985, Property Enhancer has a wealth of information for the benefit of its customers and clients when it comes to rational and informed Siding solutions.

You surely wouldn’t want your investment in Sidings to fail your aspirations would you? 

Question is: Where can one go wrong with Sidings? Well, there are pitfalls if you are not well-informed.

From Property Enhancer’s experience over the years, there are a few things that one needs to know before signing the dotted line when it comes to awarding a Siding contract.

What we do?

Property Enhancer was established by Terry Sennott in 1985 as a family business and till date it remains that way. 

Over the years, Property Enhancer has successfully transformed many houses and properties in Country VA area. 

As a homeowner, you might be considering improving or upgrading your investment or asset. 

Property Enhancer will be delighted to discuss with you and advise you on how to move forward without any obligation.

Installing Siding will not only enhance the aesthetics of your property, it will also help in retaining its value and prevent deterioration caused by nature.

After all, your house or home is a valuable investment and it needs to be protected from nature’s harsh elements while making life comfortable with easy maintenance. 

Once you have contacted Property Enhancer for Siding installation for a property, our experts will plan a site visit and discuss options and plan of action. 

If you have hired an exterior design specialist or an architect, we can all together plan and execute your exact requirements based on the brief and budgets agreed.

We use all branded sidings such as Alcoa Siding (now Mastic Siding), Alside Siding, CertainTeed, Siding Crane, Siding Georgia, Pacific Siding, James Hardie Siding, Kaycan Siding, Mastic (Ply Gem) Siding.

We also can replace and upgrade old Sidings.

siding installation

What to look for?

Given the themed-driven age era we live in, Property Enhancer advises a timeless look for the long run and that can be achieved by considering Siding applications with clean lines, contrasting colors and choosing complementary surface finishes.

If you are unlucky and made and uninformed decision in haste, Property Enhancer through its client interaction suggests that a customer may actually end up selecting wrong type of Siding that will do more harm than good aesthetically as it can distract from an otherwise perfect modern home exterior besides burning a hole in your pocket if you have to redo it.

Property Enhancer wouldn’t want that to happen for your precious investment.

In general, designers of modern homes prefer to build their concepts using angular forms like squares or rectangles, clean lines and complement large expanses of glass, among other ideas.

Very much like the infinite world or style and tastes, trends can lead to a multitude of interpretations and ever-shifting visions which may sometimes hamper decision making. This crucial area is where the team at Property Enhancer is well-equipped to offer intelligent solutions for your Siding applications.

Pampered for choice

It’s no secret that the Siding market is flooded with a multitude of products and service providers. To choose the perfect combination can be a taxing affair for the uninitiated.

Property Enhancer eliminates that element of anxiety for its customers and clients. By getting to the root of the job we try and understand the client’s wishes. We help in making choices all the way and identify for the client the core elements that will eventually define their house or home from an aesthetic perspective.

Property Enhancer also appreciates the fact no two clients are the same, hence all Siding solutions offered are bespoke.

For customers this means prompt access to Property Enhancer’s technical team who can suggest ways to optimize usage of Siding materials, accompanying textures and color combinations that in general can be considered among the latest trends in modern house exteriors.

Trends to watch

Very much like the fashion world, home Siding trends are currently witnessing a bias towards uncommon or unexpected colors. For example, Property Enhancer would suggest where contrast is popular to choose a high-contrast trim against darker Siding for a more modern look or contrast dark window frames and accompanying trims against light or natural-colored Siding.

When selecting color shades, popular preferences include blues, deep grays, cobalt, natural wood and charcoal. They go very well when used with white accents and as a result, such color combinations nicely create a gradient of shadows going from dark to light for cool and dramatic effects.

Why choose Property Enhancer?

  • Property Enhancer has built up its trustworthiness among clients in Country VA area since 1985 as a family run business.
  • Property Enhancer has its own registered offices and is insured.
  • Property Enhancer has experience of handling and installing most type of Sidings that are sold in the market.
  • Property Enhancer installers are highly skilled and trained and work done is guaranteed.
  • Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are among the core values Property Enhancer will not compromise on.
  • Property Enhancer will arrange for clean-up of all debris during and after a Siding installation job is completed.

Avail Property Enhancer’s free estimation services

Feel free to book an appointment with a Siding expert at Property Enhancer. We will include a visit to your home and discuss your specific requirements and preferences, if any.

Feel free to book an appointment with a Siding expert at Property Enhancer.

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