The Benefits Of Top-Quality Windows Replacement


Windows, by virtue, have traditionally defined their presence in a home or house through their functional qualities. While the basic purpose remains more or less unchanged — that is allowing light and ventilation — however, advent of new technology applications in safety and energy management are now married with designer influences that take it to a new level.

It’s no secret that basic windows work well in most areas of a house and the story of what it does for the house or home doesn’t just end with just one job description. Nowadays, the market for windows has evolved so much so that windows are not treated as basic commodities, rather specialists have assigned specific roles for them when it comes to offering styles, functionality and security features.


Types of windows used by us.

We use all branded windows such as Andersen Windows, Pella Windows, Preservation Windows, Milgard Windows, Simonton Windows, Alside Windows, Atrium Windows and Marvin Windows.

As a home improvement specialist since 1985, Property Enhancer offers a wide range of window related services. Typical services offered include home window glass replacement, window replacement, replacement window installation, home window replacement, house window replacement and even double pane window replacement.


Below, Property Enhancer offers a snapshot of the various types of windows that are in vogue in various application situations. 

While endless bespoke window options can complement any home, customers do have certain preferences when it comes to selecting specific window requirements. 

For instance, among the most trendy replacement window types, the double hung windows are considered as timeless classics as they have mobile upper and lower sashes with multiple user attributes and can be universally used in dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens. They offer good ventilation properties.

What we do?

Since 1985, Property Enhancer has been meeting the specific needs of house and homeowners with window related services and innovative solutions in the country VA area. In order to offer customers and clients the widest possible services from a single service point, Property Enhancer works with some the best and brightest brand names in the business like Andersen Windows, Pella Windows, Preservation Windows, Milgard Windows, Simonton Windows, Alside Windows, Atrium Windows and Marvin Windows.


Property Enhancer has a dedicated team of window specialists who are well-versed with the ins and outs of window applications that have evolved over the years. However, when it comes to deciding on replacement windows, finding the correct one for your house or home could become cumbersome if the ‘real-time’ benefits of them are not explored or understood fully.  


Helping and assisting house or home owners to select or opt for the best replacement window based on functional needs and budgets therefore becomes a crucial decision criterion where experts from Property Enhancer can help make a huge differences and savings.

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For those who prefer classic architectural styles of a bygone era, one can opt for eyebrow or circle top windows. These timeless styled fixed glass windows have been around since the 14th century and serve as an accent above a main window or door. They allow natural light to enter and usually are high enough to maintain privacy. Some home and house owners add leaded, stained, or etched glass as sandwich inserts as a signature style statement.


Slider windows come in various formats that offer clear, unobstructed views for the homeowner. Sliders open horizontally instead of vertically and are preferred in rooms facing walkways, porches, or patios. Similar to casement windows, they offer ventilation properties when kept open. The only limitation is that only half the window can open at a time. Casement slider windows are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, materials and finishes.


For class appeal, Bay windows are specifically designed to provide more living space and make your house appear larger. Bay and bow windows sport a curvature and when viewed from outside appear round. Architects and designers are fond of these curved windows for their unique shape that adds extra space and dimension and class appeal to a home.  


A typical Bay window is designed to protrude farther from the wall out into the exterior space, allowing for more floor space to your interior. It’s structure is unique as it is made up of a large center glass area with two smaller windows on each side. The middle window is mostly fixed like a picture window, while the movable side windows are casement or double-hung to allow for ventilation. 


Bow windows are liked as they allow extra light to enter as they have more glass panes than bay windows and permit views from two sides. Bow windows are like bay windows, except they have four or five openings instead of three. Bow windows allow extra light to enter the room since they have more glass panes than bay windows. Bow windows allow for a view from two sides and smart interior designers cleverly utilise the built-in seat at the base for storage or creating a lifestyle area. For families with young kids, it can be used to store toys in a bedroom or keep household utilities like blankets or pillows when in a living or guest room.


Where privacy and ventilation are required from a window, then windows with inside tilting is recommended. Commercially known as Hopper windows, they have hinge that open at the bottom, tilting inside when opened. They can be tilted upward when open. Hopper windows bring light into basements while allowing for ventilation.


For over 30 years, Property Enhancers has offered high-quality and cheap window replacements for many customers. Besides bringing to the table the best brands the market has to offer, the skilled team from Property Enhancers has extensive experience working with an array of window styles, shapes, and sizes. 


For the convenience of customers, window installations or replacements are carried out on a priority basis and the assigned team is trained to offer an efficient installation process. In most cases, the job is done in a day without sacrificing quality or compromising the home or house owner’s privacy or security.


As part of the services offered, Property Enhancers will remove old windows, replace rotten wood, install new coil trim and replace with new windows, with or without grids, white trim windows as per customer requirements.


Contact us for your estimates for window installation. We will guide you through various options to select from ranging from choice of colours, glazing and glass options, security features and materials.

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