About Property Enhancer

Family-operated Property Enhancer established by Terry Sennott in 1985 has been successfully serving home owners in Central VA. The company offers comprehensive approach to home improvements. Over the years, Property Enhancer has earned its sterling credentials from its ever-growing family of clients who have benefited extensively from their wide spectrum of home improvement services like Siding repairs, Siding installation, doors, windows replacement, roof work, tree work among others.



Building trust with clients.

Terry, built up a successful business with discerning customers in the Central VA area for over 36 years with his family-operated company Property Enhancer. Property Enhancer have built a strong, dependable team of professionals and highly skilled people to undertake jobs. His team works as a family, and most members have been with Property Enhancer for a long time. 

As the business has grown, the demand for talent has also been a dynamic aspect of the company where it begins with an extensive interview process, background check and extensive training of each new team member.For each project that Property Enhancer undertakes for a customer, I ensure that the client receives benchmarked quality work. Property Enhancer’s ultimate goal is to deliver clients a top-class deal — be it quality materials or workmanship. Satisfaction is guaranteed and Property Enhancer goes that extra mile to ensure that each job no matter how small or big gets 100% attention. As a result of these work ethics, customers are more than happy to refer to Property Enhancer as a trustworthy service provider. A majority of Property Enhancer customers are repeat customers.Property Enhancer’s business policy aims at protecting the customer’s asset with their expertise when it comes to maintenance and installation work. 

Property Enhancer also keeps up to date with new products, legislation and safety protocols. The company remains at the forefront with new and efficient technology applications for the ultimate benefit of customers. Property Enhancer prides itself on its ability to understand clients’ present and future needs. 

Property Enhancer’s tailor-made proposals are exclusive and will consider budget goals, time-scale, product/service requirements to ensure clients avail the best of their knowledge and experience. Each member of the assigned team values the importance of time management and there’s no compromise in on-time completion of jobs under normal working circumstances. One of the advantages of your dealing with Property Enhancer is besides benefiting from their vast expertise and guaranteed workmanship; Property Enhancer is licensed and insured. Among top priority and close to our heart is that Property Enhancer values integrity and honesty in whatever they do for their clients. 


Here’s how Property Enhancer will work with you.

Even before Property Enhancer will commence work on a new project for a client, extensive groundwork is carried out. A project manager will meet the client personally and discuss the requirement and explain every step involved in the process. There will be total transparency in what is being said and done. Property Enhancer assures its customers that there will be no hidden agendas or surprises like cost overruns etc later. 

Once the scope of work has been defined, the next logical step is the selection of materials. Being in the industry for close to four decades, Property Enhancer works with well-known brands and quality-oriented product manufacturers or suppliers. With support from a range of top-class product brands, Property Enhancer is confident that they can precisely meet every customer or client need from budget to exotic.Property Enhancer always aims to deliver the best and as experts in the field will assist customers and clients and share details of suitable materials and options. For each job — whether siding installation or repair, doors, roof work, window replacement — an appropriate consultant is assigned for the client who will guide them through all the way.

It’s no secret that in a market where there’s a multitude of choices when it comes to materials and textures, so choosing the right one can be daunting. Leave this aspect to Property Enhancer experts who will recommend the perfect product and service package that suits your precise needs and budgets. 

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